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About me

I came to America in 1982 and have worked as a nanny for 16 years with the same family, helping raise two lovely human beings who are still in my life today. I went on to be a personal assistant to people in the entertainment industry here in Los Angeles where I honed some of my natural coaching skills.

In 2000 I opened my personal assistant/organizational business where I cater to individuals who needed periodic help (Paula Popins)

I received my CPC certification [certified professional coach] with the International Coaching Academy  and have been coaching professionally for 5 years. I enjoy the process of coaching and get so much satisfaction in seeing people move through their stumbling blocks and go on to be successful with the help of coaching. You can go to my home page to find out what is involved in taking this particular certification.


You don’t have to be an athlete to reap the benefits of coaching.

When I need the help of someone outside of myself I go to my own coach who is able to give me that outside input and new knowledge that I may not have. It has been most beneficial to me to be involved in the coaching community and I hope that you will benefit as I have.

If you think you may be interested in exploring if coaching is right for you contact me for a free session and see for yourself because you’ll never know unless you reach out.