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Invest in yourself

Thanks to Paula, I learned to let go of the small stuff and sift through all that bothers me and determine what really is small stuff and what is not. I learned to be mindful of what I do say that is hurtful to my spouse and promotes the issues we continued to have; to accept things better; to understand my spouse better so I could hopefully accept certain things better. I gained definite new awareness of how I say things that may be hurtful to my husband, and how often;  I have better understanding of cultural things about him that is why he is the way he is in certain ways so maybe I can try to accept them better; committed to keeping my eyes off of him more, and putting them on myself more; committed to remembering why I fell in love with him and liking those parts of him again; adopting better ways to communicate and committing to not beating a dead horse over the same old stuff all the time. Coaching helped me put things in perspective, in order of importance, and was extremely instrumental in making me aware of my behavior and my part in everything. This was key in moving forward in a more loving, positive way.  And, my coaching experience validated my feelings as well, which I needed tremendously, as well as becoming aware of my part in everything, and how to do it all better!   ~G.F  Woodland Hills CA


When I began my coaching relationship with Paula, I needed to have more clarity around the next steps to take with both my life and career. I had an idea in mind, yet, I was scared to move forward on the new vision that had been presented for my life; therefore, I needed help with the self discovery piece to ensure that not only was I making the right decision, but to find peace around the overall decision. Since coaching with Paula, I have had the opportunity to have more clarity and am confidently moving forward to my new destiny. She has helped to unlock some dormant thought processes in my life, as well as, given me the confidence to be more confident in myself. Paula is a great coach.  Her approach is very natural and allowed me as a client to feel comfortable to talk to her about my life. She has a great energy about her, and I looked forward to each and every session with her, as I always left feeling more positive and having more energy to direct towards our identified coaching areas. her style fit perfectly for what I needed during this new and scary part of my journey.    ~S. Hurcules AR


When i went to Paula for coaching I wanted to allay the negative aspects that had crept into my life after a  mid-life divorce, and re-establish a belief in myself as I worked toward starting my own business for the first time. A definite shift in perspective took place for me. I took away so much more than I entered the process for. I managed to work towards what seemed an overwhelming goal, starting with the baby steps of business cards and license which became the springboard for the belief and success that I now hold. Along with all this I started to question some of the self-destructive behaviors that had come along with what I believed to be my own personal failures. I now have a firm belief that there is so much more out there for me .I’ve already moved so much further forward than I expected to do in this amount of time. I feel validated in the things I needed validating in and question some of the more negative aspects that were becoming part of my everyday life. Paula never made me feel like she was questioning me or my decisions, but somehow she managed to open my eyes to what now seems so obvious but at the time was hidden to me. When I look back on the person that came to Paula it amazes me that she did any of it without shaking me but I can assure you I felt more gently rocked than shaken.  A lot of the things that Paula has opened my eyes to were alien to me with my practical approach to life, but used my practicality to help me understand some of the things that were available for me to try. I find it very hard to be still, but Paula has taught me that this is not just a possibility but has now become something I do everyday, even if only for a few minutes, it helps me in my life as I move forward.  ~A.Burke Santa Monica CA


My main goal was to become more confident in my endeavors in life and this goal was definitely achieved. I became much more aware of who I am.  I attained a much deeper level of awareness of my thoughts and actions, and how they impact me than I ever thought existed. I will continue to incorporate the skills and lessons I have learned into my daily life and strive to attain an even deeper level of awareness using the tools I have learned from Paula. I immensely enjoyed the coaching relationship and coaching experience.  Paula was a wonderful coach who supported me and encouraged me to grow by providing me with the tools I needed to become more aware of who I am and what I am capable of.   ~C.Albertse South Africa 


I wanted to write a new business plan, produce the marketing materials and begin the process of signing clients.  Throughout the time I have worked with Paula, I have met all of these goals.  I have signed new clients and am in the process of meeting with new prospects.  As we worked together personal issues came up that I needed to deal with in order to move forward in my business.  New personal goals were identified at this time.  We were able to work on these issues and I was able to develop some coping, stress reducing strategies to incorporate into my daily life. I am learning to trust in my vision. I have also learned that if I breakdown the steps to achieving my goals, it is not so overwhelming.  In the past, I would get paralyzed by the immensity of moving forward in my business.  In addition, I am learning to incorporate meditation and routine stress reducing exercises into my daily routine.  I find the more I work on these items, the smoother my business goes. Since I work on my own, I find that it is extremely important to talk through my goals with another person.  I will continue to utilize the new skills I have learned to reduce stress in my life, which tends to stand in the way of meeting the goals I wish to achieve.  This coaching experience has made it very clear to me how important these simple things are to my success. The coaching experience was very informative and beneficial to me.  The process was well-paced and comfortable.  I liked working with Paula over time as I was able to discuss options with her, digest the information and take the right course of action for me.  Paula was always mindful of how my personal life affects my business life and my ability to meet established goals.  She is accepting and flexible, which allowed me to be accepting and flexible with myself.  This acceptance allowed me to put aside some of my behaviour that was standing in the way of me accomplishing things I needed to in order to move forward.  This was a very positive experience for me.    ~H.Martillo Westchester CA


Having Paula in my life since I was young and throughout my life helped me grow into the accountable adult I am today.  She has given me the tools to handle people and relationships in the most productive way possible; in all situations and circumstances, and has taught me the importance of respect for myself and others.  During my early adolescent years when life could seem impossible and confusing, particularly when families go through difficult times, she was there as a positive reinforcement, always encouraging me to have confidence in myself and to  set goals and push forward. Its often easy for kids to lose themselves and lose sight of where they are going but Paula's gift of understanding others, pinpointing and reinforcing people's personal positive traits serves as a foundation to build on in order to get through the difficult times, and develop as a solid successful individual.  Through some of the hardest times in my life, the thing that saved me was putting all my energy and focus into positive activities, utilizing talents Paula reinforced and supported.  I would not be in such a happy place in my life, loving what I do, and with positive people surrounding me without her guidance, kind ear, and honest words. 

M. MacCuish-Pacific Palisades, CA


I had met Paula over a year ago, socially, and didn't know that she was a life-coach then a  a few months ago a friend gave me her business card. I was in one of the darkest places I have been in my life, because of  many life changes and transistions. After our initial session I knew immediately that Paula was the right person to assist me in shedding some light on where I was at in my life. I was like a sponge, she showed me different ways of looking at things, she helped me to observe my own feelings and thoughts more introspectively, that in and of itself was a shift for me, that developed the skills I needed to be able to see the positive aspects of my life with more clarity. I found myself sifting through the negative. Understanding my part in my own life, Paula gently guided me out of that dark place. She shared books for me to read which have literally changed my outlook on life and myself. I look forward and am eager to continue this new wonderful journey, I am very happy that Paula and I still have our coaching sessions periodically. I have and would recommend her to anyone looking for a coach.

K. OHearn-Topanga Cyn CA